Immigration Formalities – Visas


Austria is a member of the Schengen Area.
Please note that nationals of certain countries require a Schengen visa to enter Austria. A list of these countries is available from the Federal Ministry of the Interior at:
(Website available in German only, although the links listed include an English translation). 

You will find relevant information and practical references concerning entry into Austria or the Schengen Area as well as information about the application process at:

You can find the Austrian representation for your country at: 

We advise you to apply for your visa in good time – in any case by 30 July 2021 at the latest – at the Austrian diplomatic representation competent for your place of residence.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there are currently additional measures in place which require inter alia testing before entry. These measures are subject to frequent change so we will inform you about the current situation closer to the Conference date.

National security officers / Firearms requests

If national security officers travelling with Speakers intend to carry firearms during their stay in Austria, the following procedure applies:

  • For security officers of Speakers from non-EU member States, the competent Austrian embassy abroad will – provided it receives the request in good time – issue a permit entitling a national security officer to enter Austria with a firearm and to carry it during their stay. The permit must be carried when crossing the border and will be checked and completed by the border guards.
  • For national security officers accompanying Speakers from EU member States, no special permit is required for the import, possession and carrying of firearms. However, the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs must be notified thereof by note verbale no later than two weeks before their arrival in Austria (Protocol Department of the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, abti1(at), cc: Austrian Parliament werner.autericky(at) and Federal Ministry of the Interior/Federal Agency for State Protection and Counter Terrorism abt3(at) The note verbale should include the personal details of each national security officer (date and place of birth, passport number and expiry date) as well as the type and serial number of the weapon, the amount of ammunition carried, the date of arrival and departure and the border crossing points.
    Please note that only handguns and only one firearm per security officer will be authorized.

Radio frequencies

If radio equipment is to be used during the Speaker’s visit, an application to use specific frequencies must be submitted. Permission to use such frequencies must be requested by note verbale sent to the Protocol Department of the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs (abti1(at) no later than two weeks before arrival in Austria. The requested frequency as well as a possible alternative frequency, the transmission power, the time frame and approximate geographical indications (i.e. province) should be specified in the note verbale.

Flight clearance

Delegations arriving in government, military or custom aircraft must request diplomatic overflight and landing clearances by note verbale sent to the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs (exportkontrolle(at), cc: abti1(at) The note verbale must include the following information: arrival date and time, handling company, aircraft registration number, flight number (if applicable) and full details of all passengers as well as their passport numbers.


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